Laura den Dulk is associate professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Public Administration, the Netherlands. Her main area of expertise is cross-national research regarding work-life policies in organisations in different welfare state regimes.

In 2001 she completed her PhD in Social Sciences on the presence of work-family arrangements in organizations in different European countries. She is co-editor of a number of books: “Work-family arrangements in Europe” (Thela Thesis, 1999), “Flexible Working, Organizational Change and the Integration of Work and Personal life” (Edward Elgar, 2005), and “Quality of life and work: theory, policy and practice” (Palgrave, 2011). In 2010 she became editor of the international journal Community, Work and Family. Current research interests include the role of managers, work-life balance support in the public sector and the social quality in European workplaces. She participated in various EC research projects: ‘Quality of life in a changing Europe’ (QUALITY), and ‘Gender, Parenthood and the Changing European Workplace: young adults negotiating the work-family boundary’ (TRANSITIONS).